Monday, April 2, 2012

Cherry blossoms in Toronto

Yes, this is Toronto.
Of all the beautiful things that grow better with age, the magnificent Somei-Yoshino cherry trees in Toronto's High Park are some of the best.
A photographer perches in a tree.
The donation of blossoming cherry trees, or sakura, has been a project of the Japanese Consulate in Toronto for years. With the support of private donors, the consulate's Sakura Project has planted over 3,000 trees across the province in recognition of the business, cultural and academic exchanges between the province of Ontario and Japan.
In addition to maintaining the High Park plantings, the Sakura Project is responsible for new trees at the U of T campuses, the CNE grounds, various schools and seniors centres, McMaster University and the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.
A well-timed wedding day.
The venerable Somei-Yoshinos on the hillside walkway to Grenadier Pond in High Park were a gift to Toronto from the government of Japan in 1959 and have erupted in a blizzard of snow-like bloom for over 50 years. Thousands of people visit the trees over their short bloom period, many coming multiple times to admire and photograph the them in varying stages of bloom and qualities of light. Picnics, sakura viewing parties by moonlight - it's a real happening.
In Toronto, even the most cold-tolerant species of ornamental cherry are at the northerm limit of bud hardiness. Usually blooming in late April/early May, this year's mild winter has staff at the High Park Nature Centre anticipating an earlier bloom, possibly as early as Easter weekend. For accurate cherry blossom updates, check the Nature Centre's blog.
See you there!
Toronto's High Park is gorgeous in spring!

Is this heaven?


  1. I can't believe I've never been to High Park to see the cherry blossoms! I'm going to go this weekend. Fingers crossed they're still in bloom!

  2. Gorgeous post Lesley. Hoping to catch them. Friend who came through park this am says they're still in bloom.

  3. I heart cherry blossoms! Can you tell? :P