Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sicily's seductive beaches & strange symbol

Castellamare del Golfo, Sicily.

The trinacria, symbol of Sicily, Italy.
More than 2,000 years ago, Greek sailors sailing the Mediterranean around Sicily gazed upon its golden shores and likened them to the alluring legs of a woman. They called the island Trinakria, or three pointed, identifying it with the Thrinacia mentioned in Homer's Odyssey.
I love to wander Sicily's beaches in the off season when it's easy to imagine ancient scenes on deserted shores.
The trinacria is still the symbol of Sicily, appearing on everything including the region's flag, though in that case the snakes coming from gorgon Medusa's head have been updated to less-threatening wheat sheaves.
I don't mind the snakes.  To me, they perfectly represent all the old mountain roads that wind all over this beautiful island.
Paradiso nature preserve is on Sicily's south coast, not far from the Greek temples at Selinunte.

Scarab beetles scurry over the dunes at Paradiso nature preserve.

Alcamo Marina, in Western Sicily.

The old tonnara (tuna fishery) at Scopello.

The popular beach town of San Vito lo Capo, Sicily, hosts an annual Cous Cous Festival.


  1. Thanks, Lorenzo--Sicily's dry, clear atmosphere is a photographer's dream!

  2. Beautiful pictures Lesley. I really love them

  3. Amazing pictures Lesley. You have managed to capture the true beauty of Sicily"s beaches:) Wish I was there!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos...the sand looks very soft not rocky as I imagined it might be.

  5. Sicily has loads of dramatically rocky coastline but don't imagine those parts were the ones likened to a woman's smooth, tanned legs!